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Let me be your PRETEEN FANTASY.

For the interested (and the not-so interested), here's the line up of my great (terrible), nameless band-- OK, OUR band, not really mine.

Me (aka KINGSLEY THE KING): lead guitar (yes, I can so play it!).
Abbi: bass guitar.
Nan: drums.
Stephen: keyboards.

And everyone will take turns on vocals, since we ALL have the beautiful voices of heralding angels!

I know, I know, I call us a "girl band" even though there's a boy involved, but Stephen's not a real boy, so he doesn't count!

Wow, it's a miracle, I have been to all my classes every day this week! I know, I know, it's only Tuesday, but it's still miraculous. Ugh, but we are making collages in art class, and it's so boring. I'm sure there are many great and talented collage artists lauded by smart people and art critics the whole world over, but for my part I HATE MAKING COLLAGES. I will never ever get this glue off my fingers.

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OK, so the part about me being "silent" is totally mistaken. Allow me to challenge you to a duel, idiot! I WILL WIN!!!
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